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Jeannie Forthuber
PATH Certified Riding Instructor, Program Coordinator
Mickey Winters
Volunteer Coordinator

In 1998, Jeannie began volunteering at Freedom Ride where the director, learning of her background, urged her to join their team. She became a PATH certified instructor in 2000 and is presently completing her Equine Mental Health Certification for the unmounted work she does with her students. Jeannie truly enjoys working with her students whose special abilities are being discovered every time they interact with a horse. 

When not in the arena teaching or riding, Jeannie continues to be active in advocating for individuals with special needs and their families on a local, state and national level. Her son Jonathan continues to ride and reap the benefits that 24 years in the saddle have offered him. Jeannie brings a lifetime of knowledge and personal experience to CHAPS and we are very thankful and proud to have her on our team!

Mickey found her calling when she found therapeutic riding in 2002. She has always loved horses and children, and studied Special Education while in college, but once she discovered therapeutic riding, her destiny was set! She is a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor with over 12 years and more than 2000 volunteer hours in therapeutic riding and horse handling.
Her passion for spending quality time with her students and the horses shines through the smiles on their faces and the joy in their laughter! She is proud of their accomplishments as they gain a multitude of benefits through therapeutic riding both physically and emotionally. Mickey brings this passion with her to CHAPS where she states she is, "living her dream life."

Anne Galliher
Owner of Crooked Creek Farm

Thank you Anne for your undying strength, endless hours and continuous commitment to CHAPS and our horses. We are forever indebted to you for your generosity and dedication! You are a phenomenal woman and we could not do any of this work without you!

chaps_0000s_0009_keith (1).png
Keith Britton
CHAPS Facility Engineer

Thank you so much Keith for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do for CHAPS! We truly appreciate your expert skills, hours of time and enormous amount of dedication and patience with all that goes on at the farm! You are amazing!


Our lesson horses are patient and gentle, perfect for our students.


Why He's Great >


Ace is a Tennessee Walker with beauty and brains. He is full of personality and loves to be involved with everything and everyone!


Why He's Great >


Leo is a reliable, peaceful equine therapist who is always eager to help his students, large and small!


Why He's Great >


Paint has a unique personality, is reliable, and comfortable to ride...but sometimes hard to convince to come out of the pasture!


Why He's Great >


Jed is a handsome, experienced equine therapist who especially loves working with the young riders!

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