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Hope Through Horses

Under a canopy of oak trees, the CHAPS Center offers peace and hope to the Central Florida community through a variety of equine-assisted therapies.  A non-profit on a mission to educate, empower and enrich the local community. CHAPS Center professionals and volunteers are passionate about the people they serve and the equine partners they work alongside to provide a unique therapeutic experience. 

CHAPS Center was founded in 2012 as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission is to educate, empower and enrich our community with a variety of equine therapies. Our students, families and volunteers find hope through experiencing the peace brought by nature and our equine partners.



My son has an ASD diagnosis and has been going to CHAPS for adaptive riding lessons for years. They are very willing to incorporate current goals from other therapies, as well as work at your child's pace. We love it here!

- Elizabeth C



When I first came to chaps I was actually afraid of horses. Stemming from a bad past experience.  But within a week I not only knew the horses names but I was grooming them.  The staff here is absolutely amazing and has empathy like no other.  I truly appreciate everything that Chaps did for me. 

- Lynn H.



I have been volunteering at CHAPS for over six years and they have become my second family.  It is the highlight of the week seeing the students blossom, interacting with the other volunteers, and handling the horses.  Finally, I cannot overstate my appreciation to the people who make this possible 

- Charles M.



We are forever grateful for that day we brought Lindsey to CHAPS in 2016. It has made a major difference in her life. Lindsey was a 6-year-old when we started, and we quickly noticed her speech coming back after being almost voiceless since the onset of autism symptoms around age 2.  Still after all these years, she still enjoys her horse therapy day. Thank you Ms. Jeannie,  Chaps staff and volunteers for all you have done for Lindsey.

- Vivian S.



We had an excellent experience. Great teacher, staff and volunteers. The horses are wonderful with the students.

- Maureen S.




Through the Volunteer Portal you'll be able to sign up for volunteer sessions, log and download your own hours, find more ways to be a part of our community and so much more! You can make a huge impact in the lives of our students by joining our volunteer team! Volunteer opportunities include horse grooming, tacking, side-walking, horse handling and lots of joy and laughter!   Our new portal comes with an app for easy communication and sign ups!

New Volunteer Portal

We have some exciting facility improvements coming!  Our new future tack room shed has been built out and is ready for action.  The next projects include the beautification of our family viewing areas, an updated cross tie area for getting our horses ready ,and the building of a new therapy and volunteer break room!  If you have a heart to help, organize, build, paint, clean, sort or just generally want to support us in the endeavor you can do so in 2 ways, Volunteer or Donate!  You can sign up for our upcoming facility maintenance days on our new Volunteer Portal or Donate today!


 If you have had the pleasure of riding, caring for, or helping with Belle, please continue to be a part of her story by donating today! Belle sustained a tendon injury a few months ago and we need help financially to continue her veterinary care.  The vet is very encouraged by her progress and she has been an incredible patient.  She is currently in a rehab regimen and we hope to have her back into the program by January.  Donate to her campaign here.

Fundraiser for Belle

We have a great team of people ready to help our program, but we have some very practical needs that fulfilled would keep our facility looking its best.  We are located on 10 beautiful acres with a wooded trail, green pastures and grass riding rings that we need to keep maintained.  We've put together a Wishlist for some improved equipment and facilities needs!  We also have a day to day Wishlist for our horses on Amazon and Dover

Site Work Wishlist

2024 Calendar Sponsorship

We are on a mission to fundraise for the CHAPS Center! Entering this holiday season, CHAPS is experiencing amazing growth. With facility updates underway and the recent addition of Hippotherapy and a new volunteer program, our opportunities AND needs are expanding.


We are hoping you’ll consider helping make our 2024 fundraising calendar a success. You can find the sponsorship information here.  It details how individuals, families and/or businesses can support a worthy cause AND make a difference in the lives of those who benefit from services at CHAPS Center. 


Would you help us by sponsoring our calendar or spreading the word? 


These calendars will also make great stocking stuffers and gifts!  They will be for sale in December for $20. Reach out to with any questions or orders!

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Our Sponsors

The CHAPS Center’s programs rely heavily on the generosity of volunteers, donors and sponsors who allow us to continue to make a difference in the community. The program's success is dependent on the participation of our incredible horses and the individuals who are willing to help.  Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of the CHAPS Center’s programs. Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those in our community who need it most.  Partner with us today!

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